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  • Auto color adjustment
    Build-in flash memory IC, to ensure the color uniformity after replacing any of the led modules 
    Perfect Ratio of 16:9
    Cabinet size at 600x337.5mm, which is 16:9 ratio, to form the 2K,4K,8K resolution accurately.

    Hub Pin Connection
    Hub pin connection between Led module & cabinet, makes it much more stable to bring the vivid pictures
    Power and Signal Redundant Function(Optional)
    The cabinet could be equipped with 2pcs power supply and 2pcs receiving card, one piece of the two as backup, to ensure the safety during the usage.
    High Contrast Ratio
    which make the picture much more vivid and attractive
    HDR function
    The HDR function bring the perfect performance with dynamic videos
    Large viewing angle
    The viewing angle can reach 160degree Horizentally without distortion.

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